I was aware that a wide stream of control-freakness flows through London – the ubiquitous CCTV cameras being the most evident sign of it. But I didn’t suppose that fly-posting (or bill-posting) coud be considered as a serious danger. But apparently it is, and no hoarding in the streets of the city goes without a “no fly posting” sign.

An internet search on the subject brought to interesing results: illegally posted ads are considered by city councils as a form of visual pollution, increasing the amount of litter in cities and drivers. I would say the same applies to any kind of street advertising, the main difference being the size (corporate ads tend to be at least 6 x 3 metres) and a legal authorization.

Probably the best response to this is what someone did in Clapton Road, Hackney: posting pictures of Bill Cosby and Bill Murray on the hoarding, just above the warning sign. Will they be prosecuted?