Elisabetta with a Unicorn, by Alizarina

When I received Antonino Benincasa‘s phone call, inviting us to participate in this exhibition, I accepted without thinking too much. But when we tried to express our views on Italy in a single poster it proved harder than I expected. It was clear that media and the representation of women was a central issue, but still we were wary of the risk of stumbling into the many stereotypes that surround our country.

The visit to an exhibition by Hans Haacke in Como was very helpful: in his site-specific work Once upon a time… he has found a striking way of showing two colliding ideas of Italy in the same image. That’s what we tried to do with this poster, by putting together two opposite images of women, using a technique that reminds of the collages of Jiří Kolář. The poster is titled Elisabetta with a Unicorn, to give viewers a hint as to the identities of the two ladies.

The final result, together with 19 other works by Italian graphic designers and typographers, is on show in Spaghetti Vespa Typography, the “very italian poster exhibition” that Antonino curated for the Budapest Design Week, and that will hopefully be shown in other cities later on.

Spaghetti Vespa Typography
CD-Fű kultúrpince
1056 Budapest, Szerb street 15.
Open: October 1 – 10.
Mon–Sun 15:00–22:00