Last July, after one year of absence from the editorial scene, Progetto grafico, Aiap‘s magazine and the only Italian graphic design periodical, reappeared with a new issue, PG 21. If it took me a while to post about it here, the reason is easy to explain: since January 2012, I’m PG’s new co-editor (together with Riccardo Falcinelli), and the time I used to spend updating Oinoi (and much more) was eaten up by this new challenge.

Challenge is the right word: we had to live up to the expectations, and to the high standards set by the founding editor, Alberto Lecaldano, in his nine years of work – and at the same time we wanted to renew the magazine, to find a good response to the current times in design publishing.

Since the beginning, we saw this as a collective undertaking – that’s why we invited a group of brilliant young colleagues to be part of the new editorial board: Serena Brovelli, Maria Rosaria Digregorio, Luigi Farrauto, Claude Marzotto, Luciano Perondi, Carlo Vinti, Stefano Vittori.

In the new series of the magazine (you can read more about our editorial project here) each issue will be themed around a specific subject – with a “off topic” section available for other kinds of contributions.

PG 21 is our first step on this new path: its title (Why write about graphic design?) comes from the countless conversations Riccardo and I had while working on our proposal for the relaunch of the magazine. The answer we gave to this question, together with the ones we had from a group of designers and critics (Peter Bilak, Colin Davies & Monika Parrinder, Jessica Helfand, Richard Hollis, Emily King, Linda Kudrnovska, Omar Vulpinari), can be read in the opening section of the new issue.

Besides this, the issue has contributions by Daniela Piscitelli, Giovanni Lussu, Giovanni Anceschi, Serena Brovelli, Davide Fornari, Sabrina Moretto, Marta Bernstein, Riccardo Olocco.
We also included presentations of the future themed issues: the next one in the series, Pg 22 Spazio comune/Common space (edited by Serena Brovelli, Luigi Farrauto and me), will be published this autumn. The full contents of PG 21 can be seen here.

By the way, Progetto Grafico is finally fully translated into American English, thanks to the excellent work of Alta L. Price. If you like our project and want to follow and support it, you can subscribe from (almost) anywhere in the world (more details here).

p.s. As you can see, the magazine was completely redesigned. The new look is the result of a collaboration between Alizarina and Falcinelli & Co. The layout is by Stefano Vittori. On the cover: Jürg Lehni’s Viktor.